Real estate for the location, buyers, sellers and investors

The real estate market is constantly changing, your real estate advisor Doheem Realty has specific tools and services to help you effectively whatever your real estate project: buying house, apartment, house for sale, investment …

Solutions Buyers

More than an investment, buying real estate is a real life project!

Therefore Doheem Realty puts all warranties on your side. Your real estate adviser Doheem Realty takes into account all of your request in real estate research he will perform for you in Luxembourg and Greater Region.

Our goal is to satisfy you by offering you the property that matches the search criteria: garden, patio, porch, pool, kitchen, Italian shower, dressing…

Solutions Sellers

In Luxembourg, as in other countries , it becomes complicated to sell his property. A true professional, Doheem Immo, with you every step of your real estate project:

– Real estate Analysis

– Evaluation of the sales price of your home

– Communication around your apartment or house

– Sell your property

– Diagnostics in compliance with legal obligations

– Complete management of real estate : notary, administration …

Want to sell your property quickly and at the right price ? 
Put the odds on your side , contact Doheem Realty !

Investor Solutions

In addition to generating additional income, rental property investment helps to build up a wealth while reducing your taxes and financially protect your family in the long run.

Doheem Realty in our team of professionals will advise you on real estate investing that best suits your needs:

– Selecting real estate program: studio, 2-room apartment , 3 room apartment …

– Information about the tax exemption laws in force

– Recommendations for rental management

Build your rental portfolio with Doheem Realty!
Contact our Doheem Realty advisors for an appointment and receive a free personalized study and without obligation.

Rental Solutions

Doheem Immo takes care for you to arrange visits of your property, to select solvent tenants, to draft and conclude a suitable lease contract and to establish the inspection and approval.

Estimation of your property:

Doheem immo accurately estimates the value of your property: house, apartment, studio, villa …

For this, we take into account several criteria such as the surface of the rooms, the number of rooms, the geographical orientation, the type of heating or the general condition of your property

In addition, we carry out energy performance analysis (EPC) of your home to know precisely its energy consumption: heating, air conditioning, domestic hot water, electricity.

Contact Doheem Immo to get a reliable and free estimate of your property.

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